El Matador
El Matador
El Matador
El Matador
El Matador
El Matador

El Matador

Sliding Peripheral Side Shields

El Matador

Sliding Peripheral Side Shields

Style Features:

  • Integrated sliding side shields provide maximum sun protection
  • Hydro 360° polycarbonate lenses repel water, sweat and sunscreen
  • 100% UV A, B, C protection
  • 8 Base polycarbonate lenses
  • TR-90 frame
  • Durable integrated hinges
  • Co-molded megol rubber temples prevent slippage
  • RX friendly


  • Large fit
  • Lenses width: 61mm
  • Lenses height: 44mm
  • Nose bridge width: 15mm
  • Temple arm length: 130mm
Starting At $99.99
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Hobie RX Program

The best-selling polarized sunglasses for fishing and boating, that you know and love, are also available in prescription. Both Hobie Sunglasses and Eyeglasses, in your favorite frame styles, can be made to include single-vision, bifocal and progressive prescriptions for all your fishing, water, and outdoor adventures.

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Experience ultimate protection like you’ve never seen. Retracting side shields slide into place to improve sightlines and block harmful UV rays. Co-molded rubber pads the arms & nose for extra comfort and zero slippage. Whatever the adventure, El Matador has you covered.

Lens Colors

The original Hobie® Polarized lens, Hobie®Grey uses a high performing blend of grey and smoke to create a versatile tint that works across any outdoor activity. Perfect for a relaxed drive down the California coast or a deep sea fishing trip, Hobie® Grey lenses are recommended for everyday use in moderate to bright conditions, where minimal contrast enhancement is necessary. Hobie®Grey lenses provide natural Color perception for a soothing visual experience.

Hobie® Copper Polarized lenses enhance Color contrast to provide sharper vision and extremely high resolution. Recommended for everyday use in bright and overcast conditions, Hobie® Copper allows for heightened perception to Colors, creating the perfect sunglass for activities like freshwater fishing, sailing, and driving.

Designed specifically for serious sight fishing. The Sightmaster lens allows you to see the contrast between fish and rock below the surface of the water. Recommended for low-light, overcast conditions [not recommended for driving.]

Cuts blue light to protect your eyes while deep sea fishing. Recommended for extremely bright light conditions. Available in a grey base lens tint

Providing enhanced Color contrast and glare reduction while lightening shadowy areas. Recommended for everyday use but especially useful for conditions with varying light environments and overcast days. Comes with a copper base lens tint.

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